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Teaching Staff

Prof. Anil Kumar Chhangani

(Professor & HOD)

Contact : 98291-89263

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Dr. Gautam Kumar Meghwanshi

( Assistant Professor & Co-Ordinator )

Contact : 96806-40708

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Dr. Dharmesh Harwani

( Assistant Professor )

Contact : 87641-31240

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Dr. Abhishek Vashistha

( Assistant Professor )

Contact : 98290-68004

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Non Teaching Staff

Sanjeet Choudhary

( Lab Assistant )

Contact No. : 94618-95434

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Smt. Manju Prajapat

( Lab Assistant )

Contact No. : 94142-78368

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Ashraf Ali

( Technical Assistant )

Contact No. : 99503-12835

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Online Lectures (Session 2020-2021)

Vermicomposting GKM Download
Binomial & Poisson distribution GKM Download
Silage GKM Download
Soil General Introduction GKM Download
Immunology AV 2 Download
Iron and Manganese Cycle GKM Download
Medical Microbiology- E coli as an all-rounder DH Download
Medical Microbiology- LD50 and Exotoxins Types DH Download
Medical Microbiology-Endotoxins DH Download
Medical Microbiology-Human Microflora DH Download
Medical Microbiology-Influenza-I (Comman cold, Influenza and Covid-19) DH Download
Medical Microbiology-Influenza-II DH Download
Medical Microbiology-Nosocomial Infections, Antigenic Shift and Drift and Herd Immunity DH Download
MedicalMicrobiology-Pathogenecity islands and Secretion System Basics DH Download
Medical Microbiology-Pneumonia I DH Download
Medical Microbiology-Pneumonia II DH Download
Medical Microbiology-Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) DH Download
Medical Microbiology-Swine Flu DH Download
Medical Microbiology-Typhoid Fever DH Download
mol bio AV 1 Download
mol bio AV Download
Mushroom compost GKM Download
Nitrogen Cycle GKM Download
Phosphorus and Sulphur Cycle GKM Download
Agric Micro Introduction GKM Download
Bacteriophage Lytic vs Lysogeny Switch (Mechanism) DH Download
Biogeochemical Cycling GKM Download
Bioleaching GKM Download
Composting GKM Download
Immunology AV 3 Download
Immunology AV Download
Immunology AV 1 Download

Student Panel

1 Microbiology Databases and Important links Microbiology Databases and Important links Download
2 CSIR-UGC NET For Junior Research Fellow Ship And Lecturer Ship CSIR-UGC NET For Junior Research Fellow Ship And Lecturer Ship Download

Thought for the Day

Dans les champs de l’observation, le hasard ne favorise que les esprits préparés.
(In the field of observation, chance favors only prepared minds.)
- Louis Pasteur

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