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Teaching Staff

Prof. Anil Kumar Chhangani

(Professor & HOD)

Contact : 98291-89263

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Prof. Raja Ram Choyal

( Professor )

Contact : 94142-98123

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Dr. Anil Kumar Dular

( Assistant Professor)

Contact : 94131-20687

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Dr. Prabhu Dan Charan

( Assistant Professor)

Contact : 92520-13608

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Dr. Leela Kaur

( Assistant Professor)

Contact : Not Available

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Non Teaching Staff

Ajay Bhambhoo

( Lab Assistant )

Contact No. : 94601-07289

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Dr. Damodar Kumar Joiya

( Technical Assistant )

Contact No. : 97824-60514

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Sharad Kant Swami

( Technical Assistant )

Contact No. : 94146-03814

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Department Activities and Events

Department of Environmental Science

Vision Document (2020-25)

The objective of the Department of Environmental Science is to assist stakeholders in the region to build up national and regional capacity in dealing with environmental issues and challenges. Department of Environmental Science, MGS University, Bikaner is striving on capacity building through training, research and support to regional expertise by sharing of information.
The aim of department will to establish benchmarks for development of policies and guide capacity building of professional too. Department of Environmental Science use best expertise available in the region in order to ensure the delivery of high quality research, reports, training sessions & policy advice for this purpose, Strategic alliance will be built with specialized regional, national & international organizations. The partnership will be built with national & international institutes, NGO’s, think tanks & relevant stakeholders in order to
conceptualize the mission and vision of this department.

Areas of intervention for the Department are as follows:-
1. Training specially training of trainers on applied aspect of environmental issues.
2. Research & support to regional & national expertise.
3. Information sharing & cooperation by developing EKIM (Environment Knowledge information module).
4. Coordination & sustainability in development issues of the network of Centre for Relevance & Excellence (CORE).
5. Development strategy & key milestone for centre of excellence with long term plan in field of environment.
6. Development of various pilot courses.
7. To undertake development &  research studies in the field of environment and Thar Desert.
8. Compilation of statistics preparation of policy document which will beneficiaries to the government.
9. Organization of national &  regional workshops in attribution of environmental issues and challenges in the Thar Desert.
10. Human resource development providing the skill, information and knowledge.

The major thrust areas of department are:-
1. To undertake the desert studies which will helps to work on sustainability of Thar Desert challenges.
2. The department will undertake to establish weather monitoring station which helps in climate study of concern & adjoining areas.
3. The provision of Green consultancy & Green audit by department will help in culminate the problems of pollution in various industries.
4. Department will develop a well equipped research lab & works as a facilitator.
5. Department will establish a society for promotion of environmental education & awareness through conceptualization of


6. Department will put expertise in field of concept for Green building or Green corridor.
7. Department as Centre for Excellence will develop ‘AMRITA DEVI ARBORETUM’ for insitu conservation of biodiversity particularly endemic, medicinal and herbal plants.
8. Department will act as a reservoir for propagating ITK’s (Indigenous Traditional Knowledge) or IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) & patent, FR (Farmers Right) breeder’s rights issues & for all stakeholders.
9. Integrated Waste Management Pilot Plant for conceptualization of 4R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycling & Recovery) philosophy.
10. GIS mapping of common property resources and natural resources of the Great Indian Thar Desert.

Lecture Details

Energy Resources of Thar Desert Download
Research methodology and data collection Download
Traditional Water Harvesting Structures in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan Download
Vulture Telemetry Research Download
Climate change Download
Common Property Resources in the Thar Desert Download
Desert Ecology- Anil Kumar Chhangani Download

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